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Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

Australian Marketing in the Bush

von Charly Bonifaz

DCC Ranch e-News #251 - 07-17-29

Darol Dickinson

Going half-way around the surface of the earth, just inland from the South Pacific is Charters Towers. A gold mining boom town history, 1000' elevation, but as far as we are concerned it is home to Leahton Park, Bethel Saddlery, Longhorn Wagon Tours and Safaris. The stars of the area are Texas Longhorn cattle. Horseshoe B Longhorns is the Australian dream of Michael and Linda Bethel. Their closest town is Muchilba, Queensland. For more detail the Horseshoe B is 10,000 miles east of Pretoria, SA, 10,000 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska, and 10,000 miles west of the Amazon headwaters, just for specific directions. However, to Michael, Linda and a huge herd of Texas Longhorns, it is just plain home.

"We are extremely busy with our Texas Longhorn Tours here....operating 7 days a week so there are a lot of Aussies getting to see Texas Longhorns up close which is great. We also produced a 20 minute historical narrative video to show folks the detailed history of the Texas Longhorn breed - we spent a day driving our cattle here, along with the chuck wagon we got from Texas to get some great footage. It's been super well received and is for in-house viewing only so that makes it kinda special for the guests. Have attached a photo from a day or two ago." from Michael.

Without too much notice, many of the things at Horseshoe B are similar or exactly like things at Dickinson Cattle Co. It includes great Texas Longhorns, Tours, a unique western store, production of horn products, a clever decorated pavilion and the important thing, a machine to market Longhorns, educate and do business.

The first communication with Michael and Linda was in 1996. They purchased semen from the first bulls exported to Australia. Today some of their cattle look just like you are touring Dickinson Cattle Co with genetics several generations deep of famous DCC sires. In fact a few years ago one of their steers made the Guinness's Book of World Records, somewhat shaming USA cousins.

The film and the pavilion are beautiful for Longhorn education and marketing. This is how businesses are developed a million miles from nowhere. This is perfect grass-roots promotion. Some erroneously think you have to have an auction or competitive show, but this is how it works. Today 31 people walk away as "Longhorn Believers" tomorrow another 31 and thousands are the result. This is how success happens. Good for you Michael and Linda -- getting the Longhorn story out one pavilion of people at a time, from deep in the Crocodile Dundee world.

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