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Export embryo inventory

DCC Export embryos of Texas Longhorns now available and qualified for all of Europe, China, Russia, Israel, India, etc. Check the current new selection on the ranch site at

First time collection of ORVTLA All Age Champion 2017 Female, Roses For The Winner. Double click for all data. Matings with Jet Black Chex. This has worked brilliantly before.

Roses for the Winner
Roses for the Winner
Untopped by Top Caliber, mated to Tempter.
Untopped by Top Caliber, mated to Tempter.

These embryos will be top of the line proven twisty horn genetics. Tempter is a leading sire of daughters in the upper 90" horn T2T and steer sons over 100."  Tempter is one of the great old very proven sires that was exported in semen many years ago.

This new offering represents 5 mostly unrelated sires which will give a diverse genetic base for a long term planned program.

Thanks to our many buyers all over the world, Texas Longhorn cattle herds are now being developed in 26 countries outside the USA. Thanks to you, our many friends; most of which, unfortunately, we have not enjoyed meeting in person. Come visit DCC in the USA.

Dickinson Cattle Co, LLC, Barnesville, Ohio USA, 740 758 5050, Darol Dickinson

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