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Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

Win Win - Winter Grazing

von Charly Bonifaz

Win Win - Winter Grazing

Win Win - Wintergrazing

DICKINSON CATTLE CO INC. is not the most fun place for cattle this morning! We received what is hoped to be the last big dump of snow before a "real" spring arrives to the Texas Longhorn pastures.

Our men will be feeding the young stock first and then the adults until the snow goes away.  It is 33 degrees and supposed to warm up -- slowly.  Snow can melt fairly fast this time of year -- we hope.

Win Win, who spends the Winter by himself in a 40 acre pasture right by the front ranch gate, is not waiting on a hand out.  Years ago he mastered the art of "snow-rolling."  Down under the snow the Kentucky Blue is green and doing it's best to race for life.  It is nearly an inch tall and Win Win has it located.  He does his snow-roll technique by using his nose as a snow plow, then slides along under the snow and laps in the short new grass.  If the men were hunting Win Win it would be easy to follow him due to the harvest-path he leaves in his wake. Woe-be-it that a major snow storm would cause him to cut back on his eating habit and drop his weight below a ton -- couldn't allow that!

Win Win's first heifer was born yesterday and about 60 more calves are on the way.  If bulls could plan and scheme,  Win Win would be so proud of his World Champion son Clear Win who is following in his footsteps as a sire of thick wonderful beef type Texas Longhorns that -- can take care of themselves.

Semen and progeny available call 740 758 5050 or view

Win Win

Are two genetic virtues more valuable than one?  How about demanding large beef type weight with great horn?  It is available all in the same package with Win Win.

Win Win has great smoothness combined with thickness in all the right places. He is an exact duplicate of Winchester with a little more Bouncer and Senator added. He has passed the 6 foot T2T mark and the ton test too. Those who appreciate muscle love Win Win. Look at his great forearm, bone and hip all starting with just a tiny 61 lb birth weight. This is a combination not found in other breeds--try to name one this easy calving that matures past a ton! His grand dam Bounce'N Lynn is a half sister to the dam of Super Bowl and Over Lynn. Use him on solid colored dark or red cows when more horn, thickness and bone is desired. Use him for perfect type and profitable beef style.

To see his World Champion record horned son "Clear Win" and other progeny click here:

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