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Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

What To Do With Low Value Cows?

von Charly Bonifaz

DCC Ranch e-News #286 - 9-06-22

by Darol Dickinson

Everyone has the really good milking, good mother cow that doesn't raise high value calves, but may be the best mother in the herd. She may have below par horns, pale color, maybe some conformation flaw, but she raises really fat calves. Maybe she is unregistered. Consider implanting those cows with up-grade embryos to raise registered cattle from known families.

Here at DCC, over the years, we have worked at helping people in several countries to start full blood Texas Longhorn herds. It requires numerous testing on the donor cow and sire. Sometimes the costs of collecting embryos is more than foreign cattlemen will pay, so we price them low. Every country is different. About 18 tests are required and once the embryos are collected certain countries, including the USA, change the regulations. They add a new test requirement that makes the already-collected embryos un-exportable. Very, very frustrating.

Tempter is sire of 23 of these reduced priced embryos. Check it out.
Tempter is sire of 23 of these reduced priced embryos. Check it out.

Check out the embryo inventory, export and otherwise:

There are three divisions. The $1200 and $1500 embryos qualify for almost or maybe every country. They are only for export sales. Then below are $700 embryos and $550 embryos. These may have one test that doesn't meet current export regulations. All were export qualified at the day of collection. This is a way to raise an up-grade Texas Longhorn from even an unregistered recipient cow. Consider this as a modern process for herd value increase. Call if this is something that would work for you. 740 758 5050.

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