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Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

What Do These Great Bulls Have In Common?

von Charly Bonifaz

Clear Win, Don Quixote, Drag Iron, Emperor, King, Mile Marker, Not Gunna, Gun Man, Over Kill, Overwhelmer, Rodeo Max, Senator, Shadowizm, Superior, Phenomenon, Super Bowl, Tempter, The Shadow, Unlimited, Victory Lap, Winchester, Win Win, Zhivago.

Answer ~ they were all owned or bred by Dickinson Cattle Co.

With all of the above bulls carefully blended into today's pedigrees at Dickinson Cattle Company, LLC., never before achieved excellence is a fact of reality, not only on the tape measure, but also the scales. Today's young bulls are all fed the same, measured, weighed and evaluated for every quality the modern buyer demands.  With time and patience even greater young sires are in the pipe-line with data far superior to their ancestors.

Each year the Texas Longhorn herd of over 500 cows are mated with dedication and care to produce the next generation of herd sires to take the breed to the next level.  From the herd, 70 weanling bulls are retained.  A half dozen bulls are culled every few months and about 30 carefully calculated young bulls pass all the critical tests and become available for industry herd sires.

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Congratulations to Jim Bell who just bought this Jolter son, Caboodle.

Caboodle, age 1year 4months

Congratulations to Marion Woolie who just bought this Clear Win son, Kickback.

Kick Back, age 1year 3months

DCCI is where the breed's great bulls are born, tested, and developed.  Call to own a young promising sire. Many have purchased -- many are happy. We have a few brand-new ones available.
Call 740 758 5050

Clear Win, age 4

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