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Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA


von Charly Bonifaz

Semen export is not easy. The first thing is to raise a bull that is  popular in several countries and the second is the cost of collection with all of the different stipulations and enforcements placed on the exporter. Countries require tests of semen donors that could never be transmitted with semen use, but are just difficult trade barriers. Although people all over the world want to trade among themselves, governments employ thousands of  regulators who check the paper work, do inspections and create costly procedures.

At Dickinson Cattle Co each year or so new bulls are collected that have all the tests and qualify for export. At an early age Tuxedo was collected. He was so young people were not sure he was that special export bull. Now he is age 3 and fully developed. Now it is visabile he is a special bull. Semen is exportable to most countries except Europe, which is extremely costly for compliance. Frozen embryos are available for Europe and most countries. See the inventory to ship immediately, at

Tuxedo, age 3

Check progeny, pedigree and data at
(published weight not current)

Contact DCC for info on Tuxedo.

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