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Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

Texas Longhorn cattle information is more important than Texas Longhorn cattle marketing

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Most people will not invest in quality cattle unless they have a confidence level in their own knowledge of how the business works.  In fact, it is the same with all businesses.

Unlike other Texas Longhorn ranch sites, 99% of the Dickinson Cattle Co, LLC site is about information and only 1% about cattle inventory to sell.(

We believe the DCCI site is the first place every new producer should go to get a "feel" for the business.  A good starting point is "STARTING A TEXAS LONGHORN HERD." The link is:
This series of 12 informational articles is a shot gun blast of breed business information.

It is a good thing for new producers not to start at ground zero and invent the wheel from the hub out. Glean the information earned the hard way from those who have written the DCCI ranch site articles -- take a short cut for knowledge. Articles on Management, Minerals for horn growth, Value Color Breeding, Artificial Insemination, Mating Strategies, The 7 Families, Repairing a broken Horn, Safe Hauling, Marketing, etc. In fact there are over 400 information articles on the ranch site.  It is not a college degree, but better, in that you would never find a college with the information accumulated on TL cattle like this.

A really serious reference on genetics of the top sires in the nation is:
Click Here for Reference Sires
This is a section of all the bulls used by DCCI and the semen sires selected to out-cross on the DCCI herd.

From go to "Inventory", then scroll down to "Reference Sire" and there you will find 31 of the best of the best. Click on the bull's name, then his photo, pedigree and data will project. Below the pedigree are progeny photos to show what the family looks like. For the person who wants to trace the lineage, click on the sire, grand sire or any animal in the pedigree for their own extended pedigree and most are pictured.

Each year the DCCI herd uses 18 natural service sires plus selected AI sires on another 100 cows. More data of horn measurements, weights and progeny info are available than from any other ranch. This is a day of data and information. At DCCI get yourself cow drunk if you are a genuine TL addict!
If you can't find the info call 740 758 5050. DCCI.

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