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Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

Texas Champion moves to Ohio

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Rodeo Max
Rodeo Max is enjoying the buckeye life at Dickinson Cattle Co. of Barnesville, Ohio after serving most of his life as a herd sire in Oregon and Texas. He is famous for his Bronze Championship Horn Showcase winnings and his many high selling progeny.

Barnesville, OH -- Rodeo Max ST, a Bronze Horn Showcase Champion from Texas has a new home at Dickinson Cattle Company (DCCI) near Barnesville, Ohio, USA.

Darol Dickinson, general manager of DCCI, says, "We have watched Rodeo Max for several years and knew he might be difficult to purchase. His pedigree, color and five time championship horn measurements made him very popular in Texas -- we had to buy him."

DCCI is the major exporter of Texas Longhorn cattle from Ohio into the state of Texas with deliveries going to the Lone Star state on a monthly basis. Seldom does a bull in Texas attract DCCI's attention like Rodeo Max, who now, has arrived in Ohio.

Rodeo Max was bred and raised by Sherwood Cattle Co. of Aurora, Nebraska. He was purchased by Fey Longhorns of Yamhill, Oregon and traveled to the west coast for three years of breeding service. He was purchased by Diamond D Ranch of Red Oak, Texas and has contributed there for 4 years. In February he was purchased privately by Dickinson Cattle Co. making his lifetime mileage extensive.

His Ohio trip was detoured for 4 months while in quarantine at Champion Genetics of Canton, Texas for international export semen production. After months of testing his semen is qualified for export to most countries as well as the USA and Canada.

Texas Longhorn cattle are well known for longevity, browse utilization, grainless production, easy calving and gain under harsh conditions. Horn length has now become a huge prize for national competitions. Rodeo Max is the 4th widest tip to tip living, officially measured Texas Longhorn bull with a whopping 83 1/8." He is the TLBAA Horn Showcase Champion of two Bronze for tip to tip, two Bronze for Composite and one Bronze for Total Horn in the toughest Texas competition.

Rodeo Max was loaded by professional hauler Joe Dowling at Canton, Texas. He was hauled nonstop on deep shavings to DCCI in time to natural service, and exhibition for the Head to Tail Tours of the DCCI. His first step on Ohio soil was June 15. Rodeo Max will be viewed daily during scheduled ranch tours for the public. The frequent Ohio rains have washed his Texas trail dust off and Rodeo Max is completely happy at his new home in Belmont County Ohio dedicating himself fully to a herd of 70 beautiful Texas Longhorn cows.

Rodeo Max
Rodeo Max, the many times Bronze Champion of Texas touched Ohio soil at Dickinson Cattle Co., Barnesville, OH on June 15. He was one of the most highly regarded Texas Longhorn bulls in the Lone Star state and is now dedicating himself to serve in Belmont

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