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Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

Speaking of Texas Longhorn Beef

von Charly Bonifaz

DCC Ranch e-News #229 - 12-18-20

by Darol Dickinson

With truck loads of bad news for 2020, there is good news in several quarters for Texas Longhorn producers. While most had zeroed in on production of horns and spots, in 2020 it was a record year for Texas Longhorn beef sales -- quarters, halves and grind by the gooseneck load. Many producers who had only considered the local livestock auction as a point of liquidation found multiple profits from sales of lean, grass fed or grain fed TL beef. Several who had worked developing a clientele found excitement from total sell-outs, and, even so much demand it could not be filled. Some reported $50,000 to $150,000 in increased beef sales during 2020. One producer sold over $4000, with some help from grand kids, in the Walmart parking lot at Bastrop, TX, out of a ranch van -- before Walmart chased them away.

Due to the increased excitement from TL beef sales many are looking toward families of cattle with more gain ability. The faster growing, bigger cattle proved in 2020 good increases in profits.

While many businesses suffered from government induced enforcements, everyone found TL beef sales are "essential." Everyone wants to eat. A double whammy to increase sales more would have been to give a roll of toilet paper with each box of beef.

The satellite Horn Showcase official Ohio measuring with lots of interested watchers.
The satellite Horn Showcase official Ohio measuring with lots of interested watchers.

To move with this popular, national trend, the TLBAA Horn Showcase added weighing to the already popular horn measuring event. Beautiful bronze horn awards were viciously sought, but in the fine print was the official weight of entries. In the December Trails all weights collected are published. All entries at the Oklahoma event were weighed and some at the satellite sites. The following list of 26 bulls are in order of size/weight born from December 2017 on to the oldest bull classes. For more data, check out the Trails with pedigree, actual age and owner info.

At Dickinson Cattle Co we congratulate the BOD and Horn Showcase management that has expanded the data base for all producers. This data will be helpful and appreciated by those seeking to raise the total Texas Longhorn. This adds one more useful comparison tool to increase profits. Thanks to those who made it happen.

From class 49 Oct-Dec 2017 and older bulls taken from the Dec 2020 TLBAA Trails

*Flair Galore 2272
*Cut'n Dried 2202
*Bashful 1/2 1809
*Viper Dragon 1806
*Mr. Happy 1801
Tuff Trash Chex 1746
TCC Shootin In The Dark 1684
JH Rural Safari Son 1645
WS Apollo 1640
Pacific Cowboy 1607
Sniper 1597
Hubbells 20 Gauge 1590
Tuff And Ready 1544
Tuff Cowboy DC 1542
M.C. Hangin' Tuff 1522
Hubbells Butch Cassidy 1485
Heart Breaker 1484
BR Mr Right 1465
LF Caliber's Red Bull 1431
Dauntless Iron Tail 1429
Sleepy Horn 1428
BR Cracker Jack 1414
Hubbells Jeremiah 29:11 1386
TCC Shooter 1375
Magnum Star Force 1338
PCC Run Away Gray 1306

* These are bulls all sired by DCC bulls or bred by DCC -- for our international friends who don't receive the Trails Magazine.
The weighing scales and measuring tape rule when breed progress is the goal.



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