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Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

Putting On The Beef

von Charly Bonifaz

DCC Ranch e-News #234 - 02-10-21

by Darol Dickinson

More Texas Longhorn lean beef was sold in the USA in 2020 for more money than any year of documented record. A lot of producers are excited about "cattle by the pound" as well as the high value horn spreads. Nearly every producer is aware of what amount of ground beef comes from a 1200 lb Texas Longhorn cow compared to what is harvested from a 700 lb cow. The difference in size is big dollars.


Cut'n Dried, 94" T2T and 2202 lbs.
Cut'n Dried, 94" T2T and 2202 lbs.


This year at the TLBAA Horn Showcase cattle were measured, and weighed. The results were published in the Trails December issue. Bulls age 3 and older weighed from 2272 lbs down to 1306 lbs. See full data

Progeny of a 1300 lb bull will weigh an equivalent amount less than progeny of bulls weighing over a ton. Every critter won't blow the lid off with 100" tip to tip so a lot of cattle are worth more money if they push the scales down. With bulls now over a ton and over 90" every producer can have classic horn and financially rewarding weights. Double profits from every source of value.

At Dickinson Cattle Co, October 2020 was not the first time DCC herd sires had walked on the scales. In fact data has been accumulated as early as the origin of the herd way back in 1967. Weights have been a deciding factor on herd sires for over 50 years, and moving forward.

This data is shared with every person who purchases cattle or semen at DCC. It is all published on the ranch site. Semen is available on 27 sires who weighed 1880 lbs or better. A total of 18 bulls are available weighing a ton or more. To get good gaining cattle is easy if the right bulls are selected. Over 90" horn and a ton of beef is also possible, but much fewer bulls make that special grade.

If increased size is a goal of your herd check out the many sires who could help. See them pictured with weights and data at

The list below shows the DCC 27 sires available in order of weight. Weekly semen shipments available  on an additional 86 sires. Just call and order at 740 758 5050. It is easy to PUT ON THE BEEF -- just pick the right bulls.

Drag Iron 2260 lbs  
Clear Point 2250  
Cut'n Dried 2202  
Zhivago 2200  
Lethal Weapon 2145  
Sequel 2100  
Coal Smoke 2080  
Gizmo 2080  
Senator 2070  
Time Line 2065  
Victory Lap 2065  
Win Win 2055  
The Shadow 2050  
Overwhelmer 2030  
Quill 2025  
Winchester 2010  
Reckon So 2005  
King 2005 18 ton plus
Texas Star 1995  
Juma 1975  
Raffles 1950  
Drop Box 1926  
Clear Win 1910


Shadowizm 1890  
Super Fast 1890  
Non Stop 1880  
Super Bowl 1880

27 bulls

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