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Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

October 26 and 27, Oklahoma City ... Be there!!

von Charly Bonifaz

Win Win

All the beautiful cattle will be there. It will be an awesome event. A group of all the horn greats, show champions, and nervous youth will compete at this prestigious competition. Every Texas Longhorn producer, or wanna-be producer will do themselves good to appear and seriously savor what they see. (Bring your camera.)

One bull will not be there -- Win Win. He is working his cow herd, making sure every last cow will be an expecting mother -- what a great personal dedication to his task?

Win Win

Win Win weighed 2020 lbs right off of pasture, possibly the best beef weight of any Texas Longhorn bull ever.  Yet, where all the beautiful cattle are, there is no contest for the best beef weight.  Even if he was in OKC his profitable virtue would not be measured or acknowledged in any way. Other grown bulls that weigh as little as 900 lbs will receive huge trophies for their one virtue, horn.

Win Win

In the horn department Win Win was the 100th bull to measure over 70." Today he is 73" but, bulls that weigh much less can have a few inches more horn and be promoted as World Champions. Win Win has thick muscle, great beef structure, wonderful pedigree, correct type, trim underline and only weighed 61 lbs at birth. He is the total package Texas Longhorn.

Win Win was one of 18 sires used for natural service at Dickinson Cattle Co of Barnesville, Ohio during the 2012 season. He is respected for his complete and top-of-the-line progeny.
Many of the bulls, with not even 70" horn, have semen for sale at $100 and over, yet Win Win semen is available at only $20 per straw.

Clear Win

One bright thing, Win Win has a son representing his family, Clear Win, who will be in the horn measuring. Clear Win has a son at side of Unbounded Symbol (Sr ITLA Non Halter Class) to show one of his grandsons. Family members will be at the Cox Center, but Win Win will be in Ohio.

Our family will look forward to visiting with you at OKC. The grand kids (6) will be doing mileage and have brought gifts for every person attending. They are being held out of school to attend the OKC event, so they can receive education of true value where there are real people in the real world.

See you there, Darol

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