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Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

Memo from DICKINSON CATTLE CO on semen sires and embryos.

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by Darol Dickinson

First -- we wish all our distant far-away clients and livestock people a peaceful and healthy Christmas season.

Now for a quick note about products. At this time DCC has exportable semen on Cut'n Dried, Line Up (both
conventional and female sexed), Rodeo Max, Spokesman, Tuxedo and Victory Lap.  Available also are Watusi
Titan Wolf and Judd JD. Although many countries continue to add additional burdensome testing requirements
our bulls can go to most countries. Jet Black Chex is sold out and no more available.


VICTORY LAP is a wonderful bull used at DCC. He proved to be one of the greatest sires of valuable maternal genetics
of all time. He sired the dam of Drag Iron, who is the major breed changer of our times. His semen has been sent
to New Zealand and Australia. Embryos sired by him have gone to many countries. Wherever his genetic have gone
there are nice big, very colorful daughters that are well thought of. Here is a link on Victory Lap -- scroll down and see
some of his progeny. His top weight was 2065 lbs and his progeny carry that size. Many of his calves are tri-color smokey
with specks all over. We have a small amount of semen remaining and available.

To check other DCC sires

Current embryo inventory at

Victory Lap daughter on the left. The red and low horned cow all trace to Victory Lap.

Best to you and those you love. Darol Dickinson,


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