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Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

Good Morning from Dickinson Cattle Co of Barnesville, Ohio, USA

von Charly Bonifaz

Although the world has been hammered by covid and brutal wars, this past year was the best for DCC Texas Longhorn semen and embryos for export. The cattle business goes on -- people world wide still enjoy healthy nutritious beef. Cattle breed improvement is, and always will be profitable.

Here are the sires available for export that are qualified for most countries. As nearly every country adds complications of regulations that add to costs, there is still a window allowed that our bulls can be collected to the most modern, sanitary specifications.

These are all the great bulls

Attached is the order form which shows with a tiny cross all bulls qualified for export. Spokesman is the one qualified for Europe. When checking the bulls many have video links with a documentary of the data.

Line Up

Line Up is the newest collection of both regular and sexed female semen available for export.


Spokesman is qualified for Europe.

Cut'n Dried

Cut'n Dried has been the most popular for semen sales the last 2 years.

Queen Hand

Queen Hand is being flushed. 8 of her embryos are available.

Check the inventory of embryos for export at

The ranch site is,

email me, or call 740 758 5050


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