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Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

AI Special

von Charly Bonifaz

DCC Ranch e-News #310 - 3-29-23

by Darol Dickinson

Announcing a special offer from Dickinson Cattle Co (DCC) for all your Artificial Insemination needs. Get ready by ordering semen and a new TW20 ICBiomedical storage tank. Made 100% in the USA. Here is how this special limited time offer works:

*Available at DCC store, 35000 Muskrat Rd, Barnesville, Ohio

  • Purchase semen from any DCC sires for a total value of $1000 or more.
  • Receive a new TM 20 storage tank for an additional $499. (Regular Price $846)
    The TM 20 holds 660 straws for static holding time of 220 days.

*The TM 20 may be shipped with a drop ship fee within the USA. Ships dry. Request UPS quote to destination.

* Bulls qualified for export to most countries.

All Prices given in US dollars.

Ask about our DCC competitive prices and prompt delivery for MVE semen storage & liquid nitrogen shipping containers. Various sizes are available for semen inventory in private vaults. Ask for Linda. Wide variety of semen available on Longhorn, Watusi, Salorn & Buelingo bulls. Minimum semen order $150.

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