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Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

Used courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co. USA

DCC Genetics In Australia

von Charly Bonifaz

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Every 2 to 3 years Dickinson Cattle Co sends semen of special bulls to Australia and New Zealand, as well as several other countries. It has been an on-going business plan to get Texas Longhorn herds started in several countries. Over 20 years ago the first DCC bull semen was sent to Australia, Westward Ho, followed by The Shadow, then Victory Lap, Tempter, Drag Iron, Rodeo Max and last year, Jet Black Chex. The producers in Australia have used DCC bulls on daughters of DCC bulls and now the newer genetics in Australia may include 4 to 6 DCC bulls. It is an honor to provide sires to develop the industry down under. Here is an email we received today from Don Constable. Congratulations on this great bull. Darol

This is a pic of a bull I bred by Drag Iron born the 5th of June 2012 so only 6 weeks off being a 4 year old he measured 75 inches T2T last week and has grown 3 inches last year, I have not heard of another Bull in Australia that equals or betters this one for horn measurement yet they could be out there but no one is singing their praises. He is Southern Cross Iron Bark, owned by Ben Newbury. Cheers Don Constable.

Southern Cross Iron Bark

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